1. You don’t need to stick your phone to your hand.

Sure, building an online community is a 24/7 job. If you want to create and maintain one, you must interact with your followers several times a day. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be constantly connected. There are some really useful tools like Crowdfire to pre-schedule your content.

Track the moments of the day your audience is more active. If you publish during
those key moments your publications will have a greater impact. Young people
interact at night, housewives in the morning. Get to know your audience and their
habits, and it will be way easier for you to manage your online community.

2. Catch ‘em all with great content.

People won’t follow you if they don’t feel that you add them value. Identify which
content is relevant for your audience and improve it. When posting content, monitor which posts and topics brought you more interactions, and why. Once you
identify this value, exploit it in the next publications.

Post pictures, videos, contests and surveys! These kind of posts are much more
interactive, and will help to create a relationship between you and your followers. Don’t stress out, you don’t need to generate new content all the time. You can partner with other accounts with the same audience. This way you’ll expose your content to new people already interested in your content for free!

3. Make them feel special.

When mentioning your followers you are reminding them that they are part of
the community. You’re telling them that you want to know more about them. By doing this, you’re incentivizing them to participate more. And the most important, you’re increasing the possibilities that they become your ambassadors. Which means, they’ll recommend you and spread your content. Sounds good, right?

4. Reach everyone through hashtags.

Hashtags are key. Use hashtags related to your content, so you’ll reach more people
interested on it that’s not following you already. Depending on the hashtags you use, Instagram will be responsible for showing you people and content related to it.
You can even create your own hashtags so they can use them to interact and generate awareness!

Using trendy hashtags expose you to a huge audience. But think carefully about the
content you’ll publish, as lots of people will be able to share your content and comment.

5. Link it all together

Link all your social networks. People following you on Instagram, will also have access to your Twitter, Facebook or webpage! You must define what type of content you are going to publish in each one. You won’t gain followers on Twitter if you post the same as on Facebook.

A good advice is to use shorteners such as bitly to personalize your links and track
them. This way you’ll know the number of clicks or which social networks are bringing website more traffic.

What are you waiting for increasing your number of followers? Apply these tactics and get ready to succeed.