Content marketing is now the best tool companies have to connect with their
audience. Because of its importance in a digital marketing strategy, we have
prepared a small “structure” to improve the reach of your content and
have the opportunity to reach as many people as you can.

Keep in mind that any digital marketing strategy seeks to segment the
target audience in a very specific way. When we refer to improving the scope
of your publication, we clarify that the idea is to let you see by the largest
number of potential customers of the business and not generate efforts in vain,
addressing those who are not interested.

1. SEO is the key.

Performing a good SEO is a way to improve the reach of your publication.
When you crawl your content, Google will show you in the first places in the
search results. Before generating content, validate your ideas through a
Keyword Research. It will allow you to know what words the user uses to search
in Google and what is the monthly search volume for each one.

2. Create quality content customized for your followers.

If you create content thinking of your followers needs and tastes, you will
generate more opportunities for that content to be recommended or shared in any other social network. And therefore, will allow your content to
reach more people.

If your followers get used to your content and posting routine, they’ll develop
the habit to read and share your posts. The idea is that you can build your own
social media community and, thanks to this community, improve the reach
of your content. Making quality content also refers to creating it in different
formats. Be engaging with videos, images and infographics. Being versatile
and multi-format will help you capture their attention. And for sure they won’t
be bored!

3. Improve your reach with Instagram and Facebook.

Work on organic strategies, those that have been the result of your effort, your
daily work and little by little you will experience the benefits of building a
reputation without buying followers or cheating.

One way to improve the reach of your content quickly is through ads. Social
media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give you the chance to
pay in order to promote your content. The segmentation options that this
kind of advertising payment system gives you are great. You can program it so it
shows your content to the target people you choose.