Have you ever saw posts from famous promoting brands, and asked yourself how
much they are being paid for that single post? Sure you have. But you don’t need to
wish it was you! There are several ways you can monetize your comunity even if you don’t have a million followers.

Everybody can influence their own community  – no matter how big or small it is – totake the decision to buy a product. You just need to be engaging and have a nice following. There are some fashion influencers with less than 8k followers earning
more than a $80 per post. Of course, it’s not something you can build in one day. You’ll need to be really persistent and organized with your posting. Here you
have some ideas for you to make the most of your social media.

Become an affiliate to market products

This is the most popular way to earn money on social media. It’s specially popular
on Instagram. The idea behind it is to post pictures or videos using products so
some your followers buy them. Being an affiliate advertiser is relatively easy,
there are some programs in which you are paid a percentage of the revenue
your posts generated. This way having a moderate amount of followers doesn’t
mean no opportunity to earn money. If you have a small community you’ll probably earn less money, but you’ll at least have the chance.

There are some platforms like WomyAds or Fluvip, that connects potential
influencers with brands. Give them a try! You can also check similar profiles to
yours that are already promoting some products. Ask them about how much are
they charging and who their advertiser is, and then try to approach that advertiser
with an attractive price so they advertise with you.

License your photos

There is an increasing demand on high quality pictures. A lot of brands and
companies are buying pictures from semi-pro photographers, and there are a
lot of platforms for connecting both sides. Foap has a really good reputation,
and you’d be able to sell your images as many times as you want at more than $10
per image.

Sell through social media

Facebook just gave you the option to sell online through social media, and
many other social media platforms already do it as well, or will do it soon. You can
sell stuff you don’t use anymore. If you are really good at something you can also
advertise services! Through the Facebook marketplace it’s super easy to reach
so many people, and it’ll be incredibly easy for you to earn money online.

There are specific sites like ViralStyle, specifically for the ones selling custom
products created by themselves.

These are the easiest and most common options to monetize your social media
accounts. What are you waiting to earn some money? Try them out!