Creating a content calendar for your social media posting should be the base of your social media strategy. It will also help you optimizing your time, being more productive and generating better content. No more stress because you have no idea of what to publish! You’ll have a constant flow of posts, increasing your engagement and traffic. You’ll be happy and your followers as well. So, what are the steps for scheduling my content?

First, your audience

You should know who is your audience and which topics they love. You can create different categories with the topics you know they are interested in. Brainstorm and add topics in all the categories. Remember to write it down everytime something comes to your mind. This way you’ll never find yourself running out of ideas and time. If you are publishing in several social media platforms, organize what’s going to be your focus on each of them. It makes no sense to publish the same in all of them. Take this into account when selecting your topics and categories.

Publish when your audience is active

Which moments of the day do they interact more? Make the most of those moments! Create a calendar and
establish how many posts you’ll publish per day and at which times.

Take into account the social media platform where you are publishing. On Facebook it’s good to publish once a day, but on Twitter it’s better to do it
several times.

Use tools, apps and platforms for organizing, they can be your best allies

You don’t need to be connected every time. There are some apps like Postcron that let you prepare your posts in advance. They’ll be automatically published at the times and days you set.

There are also several platforms in which you can organize your posting. You can use a generic platforms like your Google Calendar and Drive, or something more specific like Stresslimit Editorial Calendar, Divvihq or Coschedule. Try them out so you can choose the one that better suits you!

Which data should you collect for each post you want to publish?

– Title and content of your post, including pictures, videos or links.
– Date and time of publication.
– Social media platform you’ll publish it.
– Type (personal, promotional…) and category (fashion, food…) of content.
– Hashtags you’ll use. Hashtags are super important, they’ll help you reach
wider audiences and grow your community.
– Goal of your post (promotion, sales, engagement, interactions…)

As you’ve seen it’s not that difficult to prepare a calendar of social media posts. It does require a lot of previous work, organization and perseverance in order to accomplish the expected results. Put into practice all the mentioned steps and say goodbye to all the stress.