We have a limited time and we would need optimize it for get our goals.

Keeping up with your social media posting can be exhausting, especially if you’re taking it seriously. Are you trying to make yourself space as an influencer? Stressing out to dead for earning some money from your social networks? Reaching your goals requires a lot of time and dedication, as you need to be sharing posts several times a day, everyday. Succeeding on social media is a 24/7 job!

Of course, you have to dedicate time to your social media content and to interact with your followers. But automating some of your content is advisable. You don’t have to become an slave of social media in order to earn money from it. You can go for holidays, or enjoy your life without being a prisoner of your own phone. There are several tools specially designed to help you with this. Here you have the ones we think that are insanely effective.

social media tool recomended by crowd centaurs

Postcron allows you automate both, old and new posts, on social media. It works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You can program up to a thousand social media posts from Google Docs and Excel.

It also allows you to add a watermark to all your pictures and posts. You can try it for free during 7 days, and then choose one of their plans. They start at 8 USD per month, which is really affordable.

social media tool recomended by crowd centaurs

If you need a tool that does more than just automating your posts, this is what you need. It doesn’t only publish your content, but also helps you analyze,
measure and manage your posts performance. With its real time reports you can really track what’s happening on your social media channels and take decisions right away.

You’ll be able to monitor data such where are your followers coming from, which pages have they visited and the time they spent on them. You should to have statistics about their clicks, interactions and impressions. It is the only one way to learn and improve your content.

They are available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Too good to be truth? But that’s not all, they have a free plan – forever! However, if you want to go a little pro, they have more complete plans from less than 10 USD per year.

social media tool recomended by crowd centaurs

Postplanner is really cool if you lack ideas on what to publish. It doesn’t only publish for you, but helps you find relevant content to share. With its dashboard, you’ll have connected all the best content related to yours from all around the web in real time. It even rates the content for you, according to its engagement and interaction rates. If you didn’t fall in love yet, you’ll do it with its price. You can use it for only 3 USD per month!

Check all of them out, and keep the one that better suits you! Which one will become your partner in crime?