Earning money with something that you already do

Who doesn’t have at least one social media profile? There you follow your friends, family, and – don’t deny it – some influencers and famous people as well! You see their beautiful pictures and become influenced by them. Everybody knows influencers get paid tons of money for posts where they advertise products and brands. But, could you – an ordinary person – be considered an influencer? Could you earn money from your social media profiles?

The first thing you should know is that you are not influencer just because millions of people follow you. What companies seek in influencers is a considerable audience, of course, but most important, an engaged community. For being considered an influencer you must meet the two following requirements:

  • Have your own target and find your niche. Influencers with a million of
    followers can be less useful than others with less than 50K. The key is to have a real active community that interacts and are as engaged as possible. What brands want is them to be influenciable by your posts.

  • Be believable and trusted by your followers. If people follow you is because you are offering something that interests them. Be careful when publishing promoted content, copying others and these unethical behaviors. Followers will penalize you.

Many people want to be influencers because they can dedicate themselves to what they like and make a living out of it. But this is not easy at all, only few people can live because of what they earn on social media. So don’t be impatient, it’s also cool if you can earn money as an monthly extra. You must also know that this can be as ephemeral as anything else that transcends the Internet. A constant evolution is necessary both in your content and in your personal development if you want to stay in the top.

There are hundreds of reports, articles and even guides on how to become an influencer. And marketing and communication agencies are leaving the horns to get them for the cause. Then, we can ask ourselves: Is this a bubble or will it really become a habitual? Is it really worth it for a company to pay a tons of money to someone just for having many followers? Is it possible that not only a few earn a living by “influencing” others? That is, will it become a job like other regulars like being a baker, a dentist or a lawyer?

Whatever happens, if you want to pursue your dream of being an influencer and have the opportunity to become one, do not leave aside other possibilities. At least until you consolidate. Work hard, don’t give up and don’t forget that the most important is to be happy.