Referrals aren’t something new, and are everywhere. It’s what we’ve always called word of mouth. When you are really satisfied with a product or service, you talk about it and recommend it to your friends without getting anything in return. It  happens on social media when your followers share your content, interact with you and talk about you. They’ll basically “work” for you and for free, to bring you more followers. Referral plans are the best way of leveraging your already existing social media community.

It also happens to be one of the most trusted forms of marketing. Creating social media referral programs, will encourage your followers to spread the word about your content and your social media profile. This is something that happens naturally, but you can also incentivize it (through contests, questions and other interactive content).

Why are referral programs that great?
  • People trust referred products, brands and social media profiles as well. If
    your family or friends recommend you something, you are highly motivated to try it out or find out more about it.
  • It’s for free! Your own followers are working for you. If you have an engaged community, they’ll be happy to share your posts and content with their friends. This can multiply the amount of people you reach!
  • Engaged communities are also more loyal. There are a lot of followers that come and go, and can leave you as soon as they find another profile with similar content. But people that recommends you and interacts with you stick around longer and are more willing to help you. That’s why it’s crucial to make your followers feel important and special.

Referral program are mostly used by brands to drive more sales to their stores. And traditionally it was all about convincing people to recommend your product or services. But referrals are increasingly being used by influencers to boost their
profiles performance on social media.

Actually social media is all about sharing and virality. Everybody shares content, and it’s incredibly easy to do it. Referring your content doesn’t cost your followers more than a second of their time, and it’s something they are used to do everyday. This is the key of social media referring, and why it has awesome results.