Let’s start with the basics. If you want people to referral and share your content, it has to be high quality content, engaging, trendy and current. You should know about the topics your community is interested. This way you can continually improve the content in relation to those topics and updating it. These are some points you should take into account when analyzing your content to organically increase your referrals:

  • Try to go deeper. Surely there are a lot of generic posts with similar content. Add more value than the rest, and stand out from other profiles.
  • Be up-to-date. It’s always a good idea to rescue some topics you posted
    about in the past that were successful. But you should always update them
    with new insights and ideas. Also take advantage of what’s going on in the
    moment and talk about new topics related to actual things. Hashtags are
    really useful to track new trendy topics.

  • Take care of the design. It’s not only about the text, but also about the
    pictures, videos or gifs. This tip touches Instagram largely. Be clear and
    straight to the point with these visual contents. Take into account that audio-visual content is usually more engaging, and has more chances to be
    organically referred.
  • Be original. As we said, there are probably a lots of posts with the same
    content as yours. Try to target a different angle than the usual to make it
    more interesting.

Using all these tips with your content is vital so people feel attracted by your
content and share it without any incentivization. But you can also promote the
referral of your posts to give them an extra push. There are several ways you can
do this extra push:

  • Create contests and quizzes about your topics. Give people something if
    they follow you, share your content or mention their friends in the comments. Everybody wins!
  • Share your posts on Facebook groups in which you think your content
    could be relevant. Don’t wait for your followers to share it, you can also share your own content!
  • Following the same idea, you can also share your content in some forums out of social media or through email lists (if you have). If your content is relevant enough you can enve reach journalist that could have interest in covering it.
  • Work together with other influencers that have similar audiences. This is great to reach large audiences that you know are already interested in your content. And it’s a win-win situation for you and the other influencers you collaborate with.

Ready to shine? Try these strategies for doing referral marketing with your own
content. It will be a great opportunity to reach wider audiences, and hopefull monetize your social media profiles. The more followers you have, the more money you can earn!