Everybody loves easy money. Who haven’t typed at least once in their lives “make money from home” or “make money fast”? There are millions of sites explaining how easy is to make money without lifting a finger. It almost sounds like magic. However, magic doesn’t exist and making money is not that easy.

But don’t worry. There are some ways you can actually earn money from home, and I mean reasonable ways. You won’t be rich but it’s always cool to earn some extra cash in your free time.

#1 Sell, sell, sell

Yes, sell! Do you have stuff you don’t want anymore at home? Organize your own “garage sale” online. You can do so on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and even Facebook. Yeah, you heard it right, Facebook also allows you sell almost anything you want.

You can create an account in any of these platforms or even create your own eCommerce. A lot of new platforms have arised to let us ordinary people open our own online stores. And it’s not expensive or difficult to do it. Check some of them like Shopify or BigCommerce, there are several more for people with more or less knowledge. Now you only have to think about what you want to sell.

#2 Direct sales home businesses

Have you heard about that people that go to your house to talk about some products with you and your friends? Avon, Mary Kay or Tupperware might come to your mind.

Now you can be the one to organize those parties at your place. You’d earn some money by being a remote sales representative of one of these brands. Depending on the brand you can earn up to a 35% commission, which is not bad for a “party”. There are a lot of brands selling books, clothing, jewelry, candies, etc. You can even set up one under your own name!

#3 Become an online tutor

Are you especially good at something? You can teach other people. From helping students with their subjects to recording YouTube tutorials, you can help other people with your wisdom and make some money out of it. There are some really professional platforms like Skillshare. They pay you monthly for the amount of students subscribed to your class.

#4 Complete online paid surveys

There are tons of online survey platforms that pay you for completing surveys online. You give them data and they give you cash. There are some platforms that are for free and other where you have to pay, take that into account  before starting.

Some of the best paid online surveys websites are Swagbucks, Vivatic or MySurvey. Check them out!

Think which strategy suits you better depending on your skills, jump in and join the party!

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