YouTube is one of the best social media platforms for performing influencer marketing. As you can imagine, social media’s first purpose is to connect people and share experiences. But it’s purpose has evolved as the appearance of influencers has become more evident.

Some YouTube influencers count with more than 50 million followers. Yeah, MILLION. Why would somebody reach that numbers? Because they effectively engage and entertain its public. One of YouTube’s top purposes is to entertain people. And as you can imagine, brands fight for being promoted by those influencers.

Reaching that super high amount of subscribers is not that common, or easy. YouTube is one of the most time consuming social networks. Take into account that you don’t only need to have ideas for the topics, but also record it all and edit it. And so you don’t only need time, but also filming and editing skills.

#Find your niche.

What do you like to do? Think about something you won’t get bored of. Something that’s flexible and that will let you introduce changes whenever you have to without losing the sense of it. Then think about who might be interested in seeing you, and where to find them. Design a whole strategy to catch ‘em all and bring them to your video.

#Choose the right time.

Analyze when is your audience more active. Posting the video in that moment you’ll make sure it got the maximum views and interactions possible. If you’re posting when your audience cannot see your video, it will get lost among the million daily videos that are uploaded to YouTube.

#Be constant and regular.

Many YouTubers have a regular posting schedule. Usually it goes from two or three times a week at the same hour, to everyday. Whatever schedule you choose, make sure you’ll be able to respect it.

#Join the latest trends.

Use topical issues and current affairs that are going on in your benefit. By doing so you’ll bring more eyes to your video, and boost your chances to go viral. Be careful that those topics are related to what you do.

#Let them participate.

Ask questions, answer some comments. Interact. If they feel involved and engaged with your video, they will be many times more motivated to share it and spread the word. The result? More leads and interactions for you.