Building your brand will take you a lot of efforts and persistence, you should take it as a job. Building personal conexions is the best way to grow your own brand, as people trust information from people they know. You’re not a company or a brand, so the approach will be different.

#1 Find the right audience for you.

The best for finding your people fast are groups. Some platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn offer the possibility to people to join groups. This way people sharing the same interests can discuss about the things they have in common and help each other.

Find groups that line up with your area of expertise and help the rest. Build authority around your personal brand.

#2 Be consistent.

If you’re using more than a social media platform, remember that you should transmit the same message through all of them. Your brand and image should both be consistent.

#3 Be engaging.

You should create and share content in a daily basis. Posting sporadically won’t take you anywhere. Choose two or three platforms that you feel more comfortable in, and concentrate in growing your audience and building your personal brand there. Content have to be attractive and interactive. It should be innovative and call your audience’s attention.

Answer people’s comments, listen what they have to say and adequate your content to the latest trends. Let them participate, and use it in your favor. Showing your own point of view and personality will engage people and make you look more authentic.

#4 Don’t be monotonous.

Diversify your content. Use a calendar for organizing the different topics you’ll talk about weekly or monthly. People don’t want to hear or see the same things over and over again. You can also share content from other people that you feel your audience could be interested in.

#5 Find allies.

Collaborate with other influencers similar or complementary to you. You won’t only make friends but also find a great source of leads. Remember that their followers are already interested in what you have to offer. You both can establish a win-win situation referring each other or making some posts together.

Of course connecting with influencers takes time, as you need to catch their eye. It’s difficult to collaborate if you have a really small community to offer. But it’s a great way to grow your visibility and build your personal brand, so it’s worth the effort!