If you haven’t consider yet using Facebook groups in your social media strategy I am going to make you change your mind. Groups are the best way to find people sharing the same interests.

Have you ever entered one? You can automatically join some of them, and in some others you have to be accepted. In all of them people shares their concerns, give feedback, opinions and advice. That’s what makes them a great place to make connections!

What to share on a Facebook group?

Most of the people are there because they need help with something. Share your opinion and advice, together with links to other webpages. If you have your own site, Facebook groups related to your field are the best place you can share your website link.

Answering questions with your own tips and advices will increase your presence and improve your personal brand. Build credibility by helping others. This is the best way to gather some leads. You can also start your own discussion, so you can lead people to talk the exact topic you want to generate a conversation about.

How to build meaningful and deep relationships on Facebook groups?

On Facebook groups is super easy to build camaraderie among the people with something in common. It’s easier to connect with them if you mention some of them using their first names. Using names build trust. Being transparent and honest is also a must. Let them know you also need their help, they’ll connect with you deeper and will feel useful.

Facebook competitions and surveys are good for engaging people in groups. Specially competitions really requires people involvement and can bring you a huge amount of leads. If you sell a product or service, you can use it as a prize. This way people will get to know your product and also provide information you might want (email, feedback, etc.).

Now that you have a bigger insight in how to make the most out of Facebook groups, let’s try to build your own community. Use them as your secret weapon for online success!