Increasing your influence on Instagram requires dedication and time, a lot of time. We’ve put together some tips from influencers that reached fame and glory though their Instagram account. Find them organized in the following steps:

Step 1 – Reach your people.

Find your people. At first they won’t come to you, you’ll have to be proactive and search for them. And convince them to follow you. Search for online communities interested on what you have to say. Follow and comment on posts from people that are already popular in your field.

For instance, if you’re interested on fashion, check style and fashion related hashtags and be genuine interacting with the people using them. Once you already have a small community, create your own hashtag and spread it. This can make a difference for your account. Some more tips to increase your online community, here.


Step 2 – Post great pictures.

It’s a little bit obvious, but Instagram is all about images. All of them should be high quality. A trick? If you’re taking the picture from your phone use the auto HDR feature. Natural outdoor lighting is also a plus.

Don’t post pictures without a reason, all of them should have a purpose. You can help people understand the message by writing a text behind the image.


Step 3 – Tag brands and influencers.

If you post something related to an influencer, celebrity or brand, tag them! You can call their attention and hopefully make them react to your post. These accounts have a lot of followers, if you call their attention you can really boost your followers and popularity. In addition, you can become an influencer and make a living out of it.


Step 4 – Make offline connections.

There are a lot of meetups and events organized around Instagram that are great opportunities to meet new people. Networking is really useful. Gather some feedback, advice and have fun!

What are you waiting for? Put on practice these steps and make the most out of your Instagram account!