Content writers’ main goal is to create content that goes viral. Viral content equals money and online fame. However, creating viral content is not easy, it’s difficult to predict which content will succeed, and sometimes it’s just about luck. Today we bring you some tips so you can orientate your content to gain more shares and interactions.

Positive content goes viral more often than negative content.

Inspirational and uplifting content is cool as it gives people a break from their routine and helps motivate people. There are a lot of sad people for different reasons, and everybody loves a little push. Also, there’s a trend to share motivational content on social media. So this kind of positive content have a huge potential to become viral.

Useful content is key.

The content you generate should have some added value for the readers. This kind of content is even more effective than the mentioned before. Help them and they will help you. People online like to share links that could help their followers even though they didn’t wrote the article. Take advantage of it.

Emotional content is more viral. 

Anger, owe, joy or anxiety are good example of high-impact emotions. These emotions will really generate a reaction in the reader, that will probably talk about it with other people. This is what viral content is about, spreading the word. This content generates a lot interactions, as people make comments  and discuss about their different opinions.

Show people how to implement the advice you’re giving them.

Most people seeking for advice doesn’t know how to directly apply it to their life. Everybody knows the 80/20 rule, but nobody follows it. It’s much easier if you include some bullet points to sum up what to do next. Help them implement your tips in their lives.

Work hard for it and invest time on it. Once your content goes viral, you won’t be thinking about the content to create anymore. You’ll think about how to monetize it!