LinkedIn is one of the top 10 most popular social media networks worldwide. It’s the first one in terms of professional relations. You can connect with other professionals, find partners, offer positions in your company or find a job. That’s why we wanted to share some tips on how to complete your LinkedIn account so you can take the most out of it.

+ About your picture.

Your picture is the very first thing people will look at. It goes without saying, but the picture needs to be of an excellent quality, you should be the only person there. It’s also important that you update it, don’t choose a picture you took 5 years ago. You should look natural and professional.


+ Your background picture.

This is a great opportunity visually tell something about you to the others. You can use pictures related to hobbies you have, things you like or about your current workplace.


+ Your profile title and extract.

This is a description of what you do in terms of your professional background. What do you have to offer? Why are you different? You can show a little bit of your personality when talking about you in your extract. The most important thing is to avoid to be repetitive.


+ Personalize your URL.

When you register on LinkedIn, they provide you with a predefined URL like this one: It’s much more professional if you change it and personalize it with your name, especially if you will include it on your CV.


 + Post pictures, videos and projects.

Include pictures and videos related to your team or the projects you’re working on. That’s the best way to show people what you’re capable of doing.


 + Increase your skills validations and recommendations.

Other people recommending you and validating your skills will be super positive for your profile. It will build trust among the people visiting your profile. You should constantly work on this.


 + Be active and engaging.

You can post your own articles or share information from other people. It will grow your personal brand and help you interact with other users.In addition, if you create your own content, here you have useful automation tools


Now that you have all the secrets to succeed on LinkedIn, go and show the rest what you’re made of.