What are your social media objectives of the year? Think of them for a while. If they have something to do with increasing your ROI, your productivity or saving time, congratulations! You’re reading the right article. We have made a short list with the best apps of the year. The easiest to use for saving time and money, and being updated with the latest social media trends.


Planoly is an Instagram visual planner. By using Planoly you can check if your post will fit in your account before you post it. On Instagram you need to see the bigger picture and not the individual publication. Planoly helps you do it. In addition, it will also allows you control your engagement rates for each post.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Video content is a must. More than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook in a daily basis. Videos should look professional, and that’s where Adobe Premiere Clip enters the game.

This Google application is for free and easy to use, including a lot of features. You’ll be able to  edit your videos, add soundtracks and many more aesthetic options.


Apart from the posts you can do on social media, stories are the new trend. Storyheap will help you schedule your stories and check its performance. Timing is really important on social media, and tracking the watch time of your stories will allow you make the most of your stores.


Facebook messenger has over 105 million users only in the USA. Why not to take advantage of it? With botletter you can send newsletters through Facebook messenger as if you would be doing email marketing. You can include call to actions, pictures, titles and everything the same as if it would be an email.


Infographics are a great way to visually transmit information on social media. People tend to avoid reading texts and are more proactive to read and share information if it’s visually appealing.

With Adioma all you have to do is put in the information and it will create an awesome design for you. You will be able to customize it with icons and other gadgets.

Apps make our life easier and using some of these apps for your social media marketing strategy will help you boost your productivity and increase your social media reach. Try some of them out!