In this post we’ll advise you to follow these simple tips to manage a well driven Twitter account. The most important thing is to connect with your audience and be a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Creating your Twitter page

First: Choosing your name is essential, as you want it to be both memorable, and representative of what your page is about. This can be up to 15 characters long. Try to avoid unmemorable names with long numbers. The best option would be to choose a name that contains a keyword related to your chosen topic.

Second: Add a photo of you or a logo/icon/image. Your desired audience is more likely to interact with another person.

In your bio you must include keywords that people might search for and link them to your website.

Cross share content

Once you have your profile set up, you will need to find relevant and interesting things to share. The best thing you can do is to link posts from your blogs to cross share content. You can also find resources elsewhere, for example, you can look at Industry blogs for some inspiration.

Try to partner up with interesting sources. If you continually share value, you will be seen as the trusted authority on that particular topic.


With external resources readily available, you can start tweeting! Include an image as to increase the volume of likes and retweets. Do not forget to include hashtags. This will allow your tweets to be found when people search for that tag.

Take advantage of automated posting

An instance when automation adds value for me, is by allowing me to have the ability to auto-post at convenient times of the day, also thinking of international time changes (time range-audience). You can use, for example, Hootsuite and Crowdfire. Both allow you to build multiple audiences in different platforms, and grow credibility on platforms other than twitter without any additional effort.

Find the right audience

Find accounts that are offering something similar to you and follow their most recent followers. When you follow someone they will most likely check out your profile, and choose to either ignore your account or follow back. Be careful to avoid following too many people a day because you can get blocked. You can follow around 100 to 200 per day.

Most importantly: Build relationships!

In order to get the best followers, you must interact! How? Like their posts, start trends, conversations and ultimately, get to know people. These types of relationships create the greatest long-term value (not only for twitter). Invite real people to join your page, this will boost your credibility.


Follow these tips and do not forget to share and link your posts on different platforms.