The 6 most popular ways to be an influencer.

With the explosion of the digital world, the online presence of brands has become one of the most strategic pillars for its growth. However, being online is not enough in an environment in which “noise” is the norm. We have to bet on creating differentiated messages that generate engagement in a novel, yet attractive way. To achieve this, brands are getting more and more reliant on influencer marketing. 

It is no wonder that the naturalness, visibility, and credibility that these influencers add to the discourse of the companies is a guarantee for success. However, much is insisted on the need to find the perfect influencer that resonates with the brand and knows how to understand the principles and values that are intended to be communicated. It is not easy to grow an online community. Sometimes it is easier for brands to use an already built community.

To achieve this connection, the agency Edelman and United Entertainment Group have launched Functional Intelligence, a platform that, through data analysis, is able to find the perfect influencer for each brand. Thus, among the results of this analysis, they have run into the birth of certain profiles of influencers in social media that gain in popularity:

The “healthy”

The greater social conscience on the importance not only to have a good diet or exercise but also to maintain a beneficial lifestyle in all areas, has given rise to these type of influencers. Hannah Bronfman is one of the best-known health influencers and more than 300,000 people follow her for advice and motivation. Adidas and Banana Republic have already signed up for the “healthy” trend.

The collaborative

Comedy is no longer done by a single person. It is increasingly common to see YouTubers come together to collaborate in the creation of new videos. This way, they gather followers around their channels. This is what Jake Paul does every day, creating content that more than 18 million people see and that closely follow brands such as Coca-Cola or Dunkin’ Donuts.

The stylish

These personalities have become icons of fashion adding their own personality and style beyond the brands. The overwhelming success of these types of influencers has attracted the attention of brands such as ColourPop, Target or GQ. 

The “gamer”

Video games bring together a very distinguished audience and above all, a very faithful one. That is why this field is a very attractive market for brands. They want to achieve the engagement of the “gamers”, and Tinder and Red Bull have already found success here. Matt Haag, with the alias Nadeshot, has managed to gather 2.7 million fans around his YouTube content.

The cook

Gastronomy and cuisine have acquired a new perception bringing culinary pleasure to the younger audience. With the emergence of figures such as Rosanna Pansino, there are more and more lovers of cuisine and above all, of creative pastry.

Barilla, Subaru, Dysh oHormel have been interested in this category that brings together millions of followers on social networks.

The Adventurer

The influencers that are grouped in this category turn their adventures around the world into authentic stories. Some narratives have hooked 1.8 million users for 3 years. Someone who creates a travel diary of experiences is an influencer Skype would take advantage of.


Which type of influencer do you fit in? Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to become an influencer, but you don’t need to be an influencer for earning some money from your laptop.